Wed 11 Dec – Jack and the Beanstalk, New Brighton

Last day of rehearsals, and not just one to plough through, but two. The first one felt a bit weird as we were performing to silence in a virtually empty theatre, due to the fact that no one can really muster enough enthusiasm to laugh at the same jokes yet again. So it was quite a shock when we performed the second time around to 100 specially invited people. The jokes are funny! People like the songs! Nobody walked out! It works! There’s a few things we have to watch out for – for instance, nobody realised that the glitter left on stage after act one was so slippery and that it sent a couple of dancers tumbling, but over all it went pretty smoothly. Good job too as our producer Martin was there. He seemed pretty jovial about it all in the pub afterwards, so I think we’re in his good books.

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