Tue 17 Dec – Jack and the Beanstalk, New Brighton

Had the day off yesterday and used it as an opportunity for more Beatles related exploration of Liverpool. Paid a visit to the very first venue they played regularly at, The Casbah Coffee Club. Had a personal tour by Rory Best, the brother of their original drummer Pete Best. It felt quite a privilege to chat to him about all his memories from that time, and I got to admire the Beatles’ slightly slip shod paint job and graffiti that they left in the venue after Pete Best’s mum press ganged them into decorating the place before opening night.

Having a rest must have helped us recharge our batteries for the show, because today I thought we did our best performances yet. We’re back on the school shows again until Saturday. They’re all sold out and the reaction we’re getting is still amazing, with swathes of the audience singing and dancing away. And we got even more of a boost after the last show as someone had pinned our review from the local paper to the noticeboard and they’ve given us 9 out 10. I’d never heard of the Wirral Globe until today, but they clearly have impeccable taste in theatre.

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