New Brighton sea front

Thu 5 Dec – Jack and the Beanstalk, New Brighton

After a day of yet more prancing around in our tram shed, this morning it was time for our last full run through before we move to the theatre. Our director Scott wasn’t with us as he was in the theatre in New Brighton to get a head start setting up for our tech rehearsals – not that he got much of one.

Today this whole part of the country was hit by the biggest storm it’s seen for a long time, and New Brighton got a massive walloping from the waves coming in. Cars in front of the theatre were seen bobbing off down the road and the staff tried vainly to sweep the sea water washing into the reception away with brooms. Scott got a call telling him and our musical director Steve to get down to the Travelodge where they’re staying as quickly as possible to rescue their belongings, as it was about to be shut down by the police. Being right next to the sea the ground floor of the hotel had been flooded and the exterior walls were beginning to buckle!

We could hear the wind and rain hammering the roof of our rehearsal space, but being further down the Mersey we were spared the worst of it. If this had happened a week later then we would have had our first two shows cancelled, so let’s be thankful for small mercies I guess.

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