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The lull before the storm…

2015 has been a pretty busy year for me so far. Playing Robin Hood in panto, filming series 4 of ‘Marrying Mum and Dad’, being nominated for an RTS award, doing my Fun Kids radio show over half term, appearing on CBBC’s ‘Ultimate Brain’, filming series 5 of ‘Hacker Time’ (don’t I look lovely in a blonde wig)… oh, and what’s this coming round the corner? 4 months filming series 6 of ‘All Over The Place’. We’re off round Europe again and this time there’s talk of Iceland, Poland, Finland (anywhere with the word “land” at the end by the sounds of it). ‘All Over The Place’ is like a possessive partner who takes over your life and wont’ let you see your friends or family and wants you to think and talk about NOTHING BUT THEM. It’s about as much fun as work can get but, like a roller coaster, once it gets going you can’t really get off. So please excuse me while I put my feet up, eat a Tunnocks Caramel biscuit and soak up a fortnight with absolutely nothing to do.

Oh. My baby son’s just been sick on me.

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