Sun 5 Jan – Jack and the Beanstalk, New Brighton

Our pantomime is over.

Went out on a great show with everyone on top of their game. Full marks to Emma, our Princess Jill, who got through 2 shows with a hideously swollen ankle (and I’ll award myself a pat on the back for another day on stage when I’d rather have been curled up in my sickbed). During the final show props and costumes were being packed up as we went along, so as the final curtain came down things were already looking a bit bare. Cue the usual hugs and moist eyes, then homesick luvies racing for their cars and crazed stage hands seeing if they can break the record for quickest “get out”. They’re hoping that by 11pm every last vestige of our show will loaded up on a van and headed for storage until the panto magic is released once more in 11 months time.

You really couldn’t wish for a better cast and crew, and the reception we’ve had from every audience has knocked me off my feet, so I’m definitely going home with the sense of a job well done. But most importantly I’M GOING HOME! This has been the craziest 5 months of my life. I had 3 and a half months in Australia and then got launched straight into this. I’ve had some incredible experiences, and I couldn’t imagine what I’d feel once I reached this point, but now I know. Tired!

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