Sat 7 Dec – Jack and the Beanstalk, New Brighton

Spent the whole day doing more tech rehearsals. We’ve managed to get up to the end of act 1 now, and the main thing I’m starting to realise is how much I’m going to have to concentrate on practising my dancing. I do alright in the privacy of my own dressing room, but once I start singing it’s a different story, as I’m not famed for my ability to multitask (just ask anyone who’s asked me a question when I’m reading something). Going to spend the next 3 days before we open asking the dancers to take pity on me and keep talking me through it.

Spare some thought for Jamie and Jon, our pantomime cow-ers. While we’re all standing around re-blocking scenes in full costume they’re standing around in theirs. Gets pretty hot under those lights when your entire body is covered in thick synthetic fur. I’m surprised they’re not wringing the costume out afterwards.

Got a hell of a shock as I stopped at Tesco to fill up my car on the way home. I was greeted at the entrance by a giant billboard advertising our panto, with my face plastered across it. Felt a bit self conscious at the pump and chose the ‘pay by card’ option so I didn’t have to go inside the petrol station and risk anyone pointing at me and laughing.

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