Panto (264)

Mon 30 Dec – Jack and the Beanstalk, New Brighton

I may not have updated this blog for 12 days now, but to be honest most of the posts would have been the same – “Did the panto. It went well. Zzzzz.”

Looking at my last post before the onslaught of Christmas shows, I see that I wasn’t sure if we’d continue to enjoy a response like the one we had from all the school kids. I needn’t have worried. I honestly can’t think of one performance of our pantomime that hasn’t gone down brilliantly. Sorry if that sounds like boasting, but it’s true! Even when a show’s started and they seem a little slow to respond, after 20 mins or so they’ve surrendered and are throwing themselves into it.

Obviously panto is a tried and tested formula and there are loads of them going down storm up and down the country. But I think they really nailed the casting in this one. There’s someone to appeal to pretty much every age group going. Sonia’s 3 year old Gracie (the most ridiculously smiley and happy child I have ever met) has been at every show and still loves it, and so do the grannies and granddads and everyone in between.

However, much as I’m enjoying it, with 31 performances down and 9 to go (and considering I’ve been working pretty much non-stop since the beginning of August), the idea of being back in my own house makes it feel like Christmas is coming (ironically).

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