MM&D graffiti

Marrying Mum and Dad SERIES 5!

Yes, we’ve somehow managed to find 9 more couples who are willing to let their kids plan their wedding. So that’s Naomi and me out and about around the UK for the first half of 2016 (you can normally spot us shivering in a field somewhere while the kids ride cows or blow up caravans or something else entirely inappropriate for someone’s wedding day).

Of course, one of the problems of doing a TV show where you’re trying to do something in secret is that you can’t tell anyone about it. No blogs, no photos, no NOTHING. But trust me, it is happening, and it’s going to be awesome (or as this graffiti in the house of our first family says “awsome”). The fruits of our labour should be on CBBC towards the end of the summer.

Now, where did I put my thermal underwear?

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