Fri 6 Dec – Jack and the Beanstalk, New Brighton

Turned up to our first day at the theatre to see street cleaners out on New Brighton seafront clearing up the aftermath of yesterday’s storm. The sea really gave it a good lashing, there’s sand all over the road and pavements. Luckily the auditorium of the theatre is on the first floor so we were able to plough on regardless.

Tech rehearsals are always a bit tedious and this one proved to be no exception. You plod through each scene at a snail’s pace and have to go over it several times to get all the lighting, sound and music cues right, as well as re-jig the choreography to fit the new space you find yourself in. I always get really drowsy and, with my ability to sleep absolutely anywhere, I kept having a sneaky lie down on the floor in the wings. Don’t think I’ll be having much of a chance for that kind of nonsense once the show is under way…

Nice to see that in our green room is a substandard water colour of Ken Dodd, so that’ll give me something to appreciate between shows once we’re up and running.

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