Fri 13 Dec – Jack and the Beanstalk, New Brighton

Our last school shows for this week. Tomorrow we get to test out our panto on an audience with a wider age range. If they respond with half as much enthusiasm as we’ve received for these first few shows then we’ll be laughing. I’ve never known anything like it. In the last panto I did in Poole we didn’t look forward to the school shows so much and craved the more grown up audiences we got on a Friday or Saturday night, but I’m not sure our first audience this morning could have been more up for it. Perhaps Northerners are just more fun than us buttoned up Southerners?! Still looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into the weekend though.

Was met at stage door by the new producer of ‘Marrying Mum and Dad’ who had driven over to discuss the third series with me. Sounds like we’ve got some great families lined up, and some kids with suitably bonkers ideas inflict on their parents, so once panto’s over I’ll have that to dive into.

4 down, 36 to go!

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