All Under The Place – 9 Oct, Cairns, Australia

After a 14 hour trip from Ceduna in South Australia to Cairns in Northern Queensland, involving 3 different flights, we were looking forward to our 2 days off. Since we spend each day filming amazing things I generally like to spend my days off out here doing very little at all, but it began to sink in that we were staying at the most popular area to access the Great Barrier Reef. This was obviously an opportunity too big to pass up, so most of our team signed up for a day long boat trip.

The next day we were off at the crack of dawn on a 60 seater open backed boat, setting out towards the furthest part of the reef edge about an hour and a half away. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sea was turquoise blue, but there was no real indication of how much life there was down there until I put on my snorkelling gear and dipped my head under the water. It’s a shock seeing such bright and vibrant colours in the natural world, and every fish or piece of coral seemed to have been doused in 1980s day-glo. I’d probably have to sit here scratching my head for a few hours to come up with the words to do it all justice, and I’m far too lazy for that, so I’ll just say that I can see why people come from all over the world to see it. It’s a big day out though. The whole trip took 9 hours and we were only in the sea for 2 of them!

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