All Under The Place – 9 Nov, Surfers Paradise, Australia

A couple of days ago I went swimming in the sea here at the skyscraper lined beach they call Surfers Paradise, and I’d never felt a current so strong. As soon as I lifted my feet up off the seabed I was forced along sideways, so it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I readied myself for today’s Main Event – the last item for this year’s ‘All Over The Place’ location filming – Surfboat Racing.

As we arrived on the beach in the bright morning sunshine things were already in full swing, with lifeguards and members of the navy racing each other in heats. 5 people would hop into their boat and plough through the rough surf to a buoy placed 100 metres or so out to sea, and then attempt to ride back to the shore on the waves. My trepidation turned to outright fear once I’d met a couple of rowers who talked me through what I needed to do. The oars were massive, and there were warnings about how they could catapult me out of the boat if I wasn’t careful. On top of all this I was going to have to wear an eye wateringly tiny pair of swimming trunks to enable my bare bum to slide up and down the plastic seat. So I won’t pretend that I wasn’t relieved when a few hours into filming the organisers told us that we wouldn’t be allowed into the sea as conditions were too dangerous.

Instead Iain and I picked 2 teams to support and cheered them on from the beach, with Iain’s team of blokes just pipping my boat load of female Olympic rowers. Once we’d wrapped filming we slapped our director Craig on the back for doing a great job this block and hit the town. A few of us ended up in an ear shattering nightclub called Platinum, where they give you a foam stick with a light in it at the entrance. It’s perfect for hitting your friends repeatedly on the head, and I made full use of it.

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