All Under The Place, 6 September, Ootha

Spent the entire morning in the car heading off through picturesque farmland that could almost be mistaken for rolling English countryside, if it wasn’t for the sporadic dead kangaroo by the roadside. Around lunchtime we arrived in Burrawang West Station, Ootha which, although it had a name on the map, seemed just as empty as the rest of the surrounding area.

It’s easy to spot ‘Utes In The Paddock’, the community initiative to put scrap vehicles to artistic use. Over 20 Australian Utes (the archetypal Aussie pick-up truck) are placed along the side of a field in various different positions and states of dismemberment. Each Ute is decorated by a different artist to reflect an aspect of Australian life, be it one that’s been transformed into Dame Edna’s dunny, or a massive jar of Vegemite.

Cel and I ragged around a dusty field in a working Ute for our opening, and then had a go at painting some Ute doors with our own Australian design. Cel chose flies as his theme, as he’s not a great fan of the persistent Aussie pest. Inspired by the morning’s drive, I chose to paint a kangaroo that had been run over (tastefully done of course…). We finished with a quick game of Ute ‘I Spy’ and then made our way to our next hotel, on the outskirts of the town of Parkes.

I’ve picked up a stinking cold just before my week off in 2 days time, so maybe tomorrow’s Bush Tucker event will give my immune system the jolt it needs to sort itself out.

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