All Under The Place, 30 August, Western Coast

Said goodbye to Perth and drove a couple of hours up the coast to the small town of Lancelin (in Australia, small town MEANS small town. I’ve been to cul-de-sacs with more houses than some of these places).

Hooked up with Darren, who rents sand boards from his general store, and headed over to the huge sand dunes by the sea. They’re so big that there are sometimes fatalities when people on quad and motorbikes drive over the ridges of them and accidentally plunge to their deaths from the 30 foot drops at the top. We were hoping for a lovely sunny filming day with no wind. We didn’t get one.

We were pummelled by constant wind and the occasional downpour of rain in what was basically a sandstorm. After 2 hours of sliding down the dune face on sand boards (with varying degrees of success) every item of clothing and bodily orifice appeared to be full of sand. Got back to the cars before the rain really set in, and had to scrap the afternoon’s filming. We were supposed to be filming a sketch set in a baking hot desert!

Once loaded up with lunch and delicious free coffees from the lovely local cafe we carried on further North for 3 hours, and have checked in to a 50s style motel ready for tomorrow’s main event – sheep shearing!

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