All Under The Place – 3 Oct, Adelaide, Australia

Said goodbye to Coober Pedy this morning. I think it’s probably the weirdest place I’ve ever been, and I feel very lucky to have seen it, although I’m not sure I’ll ever come back. I don’t think constant flies and living in abandoned mines is for me.

Flew off from the airport that’s not much bigger than my local railway station, and gazed out of the window during our 2 hour flight at the huge salt pans and desolate Outback below us. When we arrived in Adelaide we grabbed a quick Hungry Jack’s (it’s what Burger King’s called out here, for reasons not entirely clear to me) and made our way to Archer’s Arcadia.

It’s basically the garage of a house. But a garage filled with cool stuff. David, who lives there, spends his spare time building his own versions of old Victorian coin operation automata and weird wind up toys. It’s the kind of thing ‘All Over The Place’ was made for, and we had a great time messing around with all his crazy fortune telling machines and wind up models of sharks eating people. We also played a game where I had to stick 3 custard pies in Naomi’s face in a row. Hats off to her, she didn’t complain once. But then, she is a kids TV presenter. It’s not the first time.

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