All Under The Place, 29 August, Perth

Today I achieved a childhood dream – catching and throwing a boomerang (maybe I should have set myself higher goals as a child…). The man who made this possible was Grant, who is the world championship boomerang thrower. We spent the morning with him in a park by the side of the river overlooking the centre of town, and after a quick tuition session Cel and I were pitted against each other to see who could catch one the most times. It turned into an utter farce, with neither of us seeming capable of getting the pesky thing to land between our hands. By the end we were willing each other on just to get it done and out of the way, and after what seemed like aeons I finally triumphed and we could move on to our next item of the day – Atlantis Marine Park.

We’ve filmed a few theme parks in our time on the show, but this one had a twist – it closed down in August 1990. Performing dolphins and seals used to wow the crowds, but new regulations meant that they had to be released back into the wild, and the site now sits abandoned among the sand dunes. Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ had been reworked with prominent use of the word “rubble”, and I threw myself around on the ground next to crumbling statues of dolphins, King Neptune and, erroneously, The Beatles.

All went very smoothly apart from a quick break for a rain storm. The weather here in Perth is a bit like an average British summer, as it’s moving into Spring at the moment, so there have been quite a few rain showers. We’re crossing our fingers for sun tomorrow – we’re leaving Perth and driving up the coast to go sand boarding!

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