All Under The Place, 27 Sept, Winton, Australia

My love affair with Winton reached new heights today, as we took part in probably the most stupid ‘All Over The Place’ event yet – The Dunny Derby. Every year over a hundred people take part in a race where 4 runners have to push a toilet on wheels, which is occupied by a 5th team member sitting on the “dunny”, who has to jump out at various points and collect  toilet paper, a loo brush and a rolled up newspaper. There’s $7,000 prize money for the winning team, so it’s adjudicated very carefully, and the teams go to a lot of effort dressing up their contestants and toilets.

Spent the morning on the high street warming up (quite literally, the weather’s baking here) with some milder Outback events like broom throwing and egg catching, before we headed down to the rugby club – the only green patch of grass I’ve seen for days, probably the only one for hundreds and hundreds of miles. I was dressed as Jeremy Clarkson (or Clarksbum as I re-christened myself) and found 4 people in the crowd to pull my ‘Plop Gear’ themed toilet, while Naomi was dressed as Matt Smith to be pulled along in her ‘Dr Poo’ themed one. Naomi’s runners proved to be the best and she came first in our heat. I snatched second place after a team from ABC were disqualified because they dropped their newspaper.

A 12 hour travel day to Adelaide looms tomorrow, so we kicked back at a cracking pub on the high street, the Tattersalls Hotel. Had a great night chatting to all the locals and enjoying the sounds of the middle aged lady belting out tunes on a saxophone. She calls herself ‘Sax In The City’. Here in the Outback, I think I’m as far away from a city as I’ve ever been in my life.

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