All Under The Place – 27 Oct, Tasmania, Australia

Filmed two of our “Grown Ups Collect Stuff Too” items today here in Tasmania. First up we paid a visit to Carl in Deloraine. He owns a fantastic 50s style diner and his hobby is restoring hot rod cars. As a result he got interested in old fashioned oil cans, and his collection goes right back past the 1920s. Some of them are worth hundreds of pounds, and it’s funny to think how many of them are now resting in landfill around the world when collectors would love to have got their hands on them. He also has some beautiful old petrol pumps dotted around his restaurant. Apparently the reason they were so ornate was that petrol stations used to sell petrol from several different companies, so they had to vie for attention.

Once we’d filled our bellies with Carl’s delicious hamburgers we set off across the lush green fields of Tasmania once more to the town of Railton. Neil set up his garden business there over a decade ago and was keen to get customers through the door, so he took up topiary. His back garden, which runs alongside a side road, is full of bushes in the shape of animals, people and objects. He does it by making wire frames in the desired shape and then placing them over a bush that grows up through it until it can be pruned. Other residents of the town asked him to make ones for their gardens too and now there are over 100 dotted about the high street and neighbouring roads. The town has featured in several TV shows and people have come as far as Korea (and the UK, obviously!) to see Neil’s creations.

Standing in Neil’s garden being cooked by the UV ridden Tassie sunshine was a pleasant way to end this block of filming, and we now say farewell to my co-presenter Michelle, this block’s director Ailsa and our researcher LJ. They all have rather long journeys ahead of them. Ailsa and Michelle are looking at over 40 hours to get home. Gulp!

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