All Under The Place – 25 Oct, Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania was a good place for us to come to film ‘All Over The Place’. We like weird stuff on this show, and a pattern of behaviour has taken hold among failing towns and villages here. The residents club together and try and make the place known for something slightly bonkers. Today it was the Novelty Letterbox Trail in Wilmot.

Wilmot resident George (now in his 80s) nicked the idea off a town in Queensland. He encourages people in the surrounding area to build elaborate mailboxes outside their houses in the shape of Daleks, postmen, Tasmanian Tigers, a swarm of bees, you name it. He’s got a medal from the Queen for his efforts, which he proudly showed us. We paid homage to his work by dressing up as Will.I.Am and doing a song in the style of his song ‘Power’. By their very nature postbox are spread out, so it took quite a long time to drive round to all the different ones mentioned in our song, jumping in and out of the cars as the unpredictable Tasmanian weather hammered us from time to time. It was quite entertaining watching the locals’ reactions as they drove past our entire crew dressed in identical Will.I.Am costumes trying to remember our hastily contrived dance routine.

Once that was done we made our way to the city of Launceston, home of the James Boag’s brewery (a famous beer out here), and a few of us met up for dinner with our producer Maria who had flown out from Sydney to help with tomorrow’s event – white water rafting. Boats, water and me generally don’t get on, so if this is the last you ever hear from me you know why.

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