All Under The Place, 25-28 August, Perth

Spent an entire day travelling to Perth (on the Western coast), as we had to fly to Brisbane (on the Eastern coast) and then back over again. Our new presenter Cel was waiting for as at the hotel, and was reasonably perky considering how jet lagged he was. Then spent our “weekend” (Monday and Tuesday) getting ready for our next filming block and having a bit of a look round the city. It seems like a nice fairly laid back place, with a mixture of old colonial buildings and a few skyscraper, and it sits next to a wide attractive river, with some beautiful sandy beaches 20 mins drive away. It’s also the most expensive city on Earth (officially), partly due to all the money that floods in from the mines nearby.

Last night we said goodbye to the director of our first block, Ewan, who did a great job and is now heading back to Scotland to get married. Our new director Neil was in command today, subjecting us to two of Australia’s most feared animals – spiders and snakes.

First up was spiders. We headed to the outskirts of town where we meet Mark, a scientist who has over half a million Australian spiders in jars, and his daughter Frances. We were even introduced to a live ‘Ridged Trapdoor Spider’, which gave Cel and me a bit of a fright when it tried to bite France’s hand. Luckily she had thick gloves on!

Second up was the snakes. Snake handler David talked us through the basics of how to trap one, and then Cel and I were let loose around his tuition centre trying to capture 3 pythons. Even though they’re not poisonous they still gave us the heebee jeebees, so I thought we did a surprisingly good job capturing them considering. I don’t think David will be offering us a job anytime soon though. He probably likes his snake handlers to make slightly less high pitched noises whilst going about their work.

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