All Under The Place, 24 September, Coffs Harbour

After a cracking 2 days off at the Aanuka Beach Resort, including a lovely BBQ at our Aussie director Rochelle’s house just round the corner and a night on the beach round a campfire, it was back to work.

Our last item to film in Coffs Harbour was the Busker’s Festival. It’s an 8 day event where street performers from all over the world descend on the town and entertain people as they go about their daily business. We were focusing on the kids event today, held on the grounds of a nearby racecourse, which was to be one of our main events that end each episode of ‘All Over The Place’. Naomi and I were to go head to head in an attempt to entertain a field full of children after some instruction from genuine buskers. Naomi was taught how to juggle by a bloke called Jeremy Penguin (no wonder he doesn’t have a normal job with a name like that), and I was taught magic tricks by a budding purple haired 12 year old magician called Jake (he’s been on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’, and if he keeps it up I’m sure he’ll have a long and fruitful career pulling rabbits out of hats).

There’s nothing I like more than an excuse to be a bit rubbish at something, and with several main event wins under my belt I was in the mood to mess around, so I’m not sure my performance would gain me membership to the Magic Circle. Unfortunately, Naomi had an uphill struggle on her hands, as learning to juggle in a couple of hours is a pretty big ask. In the end she dropped all her balls and I managed to do a half convincing job of making it look like I’d pushed a pen through a bank note, and I was declared the winner.

It was then time to embark on another road trip further north to Brisbane (6 hours this time), where we catch a plane to the Outback town of Winton tomorrow.

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