All Under The Place, 24 August, Mount Isa

To justify coming all the way out to Mount Isa for the Drovers’ Festival, we’d also had a song written about the place – in the style of ‘Ice Ice Baby’ (Isa Isa baby…). This required Johny and I to dress up as Jedward and prat about in front of various landmarks around the town. At one point we headed down into an old abandoned mine to film a pass. The old miner who’d taken us down seemed fascinated that you can be paid to dress as Jedward and sing a song down mine, and to be honest he had a point.

In the afternoon we shot some extra bits and bobs in the town’s tropical garden, including a sketch about Darwin’s weather system (funnier than it sounds!). Then it was time for our last night out with Johny. Since it was Saturday night we thought we’d see what one of Mount Isa’s two nightclubs, ‘The Buffs’, was like (the other one had the slightly less promising name of ‘The Club’). None of us went with particularly high hopes, and we were stunned to find about twice as many people as probably live in Mount Isa having the time of their lives. I guess people from distant Outback towns must drive hours to go there and see some other human beings. Stayed up till 3am watching our 40 something sound man attempt to out do the 20 something locals in break dancing battles and karaoke. Not sure he pulled it off, but good on him for having a go.

Oh, and it was my Mum’s birthday today. Happy birthday Mum!

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