All Under The Place, 21 September, Coffs Harbour

With a tantalising 2 days off in sight we set off just up the road from our beach resort to the ‘Big Banana’. It’s an 11 metre long giant banana by the side of the freeway, built by a farmer in 1964 to try and get people to stop off and buy produce from his banana plantation. It must have exceeded his wildest expectations, because not only has it now become Coffs Harbour main tourist attraction, along with an accompanying theme park, it also started off a trend across the whole of Australia for “big things”. There are now 150 of them dotted across the continent – big prawns, big koalas, big balls of twine, you name it.

We were there to sing a song in the style of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ about the history of it, so Naomi was blinged up to the max and I was dressed as a banana, much to the delight of passing drivers who kept sounding their horns at me.

After a quick lunch down by the jetty we made our way to the Clog Barn. The owner, John, now runs the family business that his father set up when he moved over from Holland in the 1950s. It started off as a caravan park, but after a couple of years he got bored and, missing home, decided to build a miniature Dutch village to accompany it. Alongside is a swimming pool decorated with giant fibreglass clogs and the clog barn, where John will knock up your very own pair of traditional wooden Dutch clogs for you. It’s just the sort of batty thing we love on ‘All Over The Place’, and we set to work decorating our own clogs for John to judge (he declared a draw. What a cop out).

Looking forward to tomorrow night. Our director Rochelle is inviting us over to her house for a real Aussie barbie. (Won’t be chucking any shrimps on them though – they call them prawns over here just like us. The phrase “Chuck another shrimp on the barbie” is all Paul Hogan’s fault apparently. He used it on an advert made for the American market and it’s stuck as a national stereotype ever since!)

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