All Under The Place, 20 September, Pacific Palms

Woke up in what was basically paradise. Well, not the motel, but what was around it. Pacific Palms is a beautiful stretch of wooded coast dotted with sizeable houses, and we were set to spend most of the day on Elizabeth Beach talking to a guy called Gavin about his surfboard collection. He has 170 of the things, and after a couple of hours filming on the sun kissed sand we headed up to his incredible house in the woods to feast our eyes on some of them. They’re lovely objects, no denying it.

We then headed back down to the beach for more filming, culminating in Gavin helping us catch waves in the foamy surf. Both Naomi and I managed to pop up a couple of times, so we hopefully won’t look too rubbish on the telly. It was then time for another big 4 hour journey up the coast to our Australian director Rochelle’s home town of Coffs Harbour.

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