All Under The Place – 20 Oct, The Grampians, Australia

What an awesome day we had today. We were filming at the Aboriginal Centre in Brambuk National Park, nestled in a lovely range of mountainous wooden hills called The Grampians. Paul, who’s half Aboriginal on his mother’s side, took us up in the hills and showed us a cave painting of an Aboriginal god that’s between 22,000 and 30,000 years old. It must be the oldest piece of art I’ve ever seen, and I was stunned imagining the person sitting there painting it all that time ago. We then learnt how to paint in an Aboriginal style using traditional rock based paints, how the Aboriginals used to signal to each other by creating sounds with a piece of wood on a cord swung round their heads (the “bush telephone”), played “Marngrook” football using a dead possum skin full of charcoal and even learnt how to throw a traditional boomerang. I got mine to (sort of) come back to me, so I was quite pleased about that. As we headed back to Melbourne for 2 days off I felt lucky to have learnt so much about this country from someone very passionate about what they do, and heartened by Paul’s tales of how Aboriginal culture is thriving up in the north of the country, where some tribes still live a very traditional life.

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