All Under The Place, 19 September, Sydney

Today I climbed up Sydney Harbour Bridge. But don’t worry, I wasn’t protesting about substandard Australia wifi access, I was being filmed for ‘All Over The Place – Australia’. We couldn’t come all the way here and not do it, and I’m very glad we did. It normally costs a fair bit, so last time I was in Sydney I gave it a miss, which was a mistake as it really is a breathtaking thing to do.

We took the “express” route to the top, pausing for filming along the way, and were reassuringly hooked up to a safety line the whole way up. It was a beautiful clear day and once we reached the summit we could see every last little bit of Sydney, with the harbour and bridge with its 6 lanes of traffic, 2 pedestrian routes and 2 train tracks spread out below us. Felt quite elated once I got down to the bottom.

It was then time to say goodbye to Sydney as we started off on our 4 hour trip to Pacific Palms. The freeway to there is set back a few miles from the coast (which is dotted with towns along the way) and once we left the city I couldn’t believe just how little there is. No towns or villages, in fact barely any houses at all, just a lot of trees and occasional fields. I find it absolutely hilarious that some Australians think this country is over populated. 20 million people living on a continent larger than Europe and they get worked up about 1000 asylum seekers a year coming here by boat!

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