All Under The Place, 18 September, Sydney

Hyde Park Barracks was our first destination today (homesick Brits weren’t very imaginative when it came to naming stuff in Australia). It was where a lot of the 166,000 UK prisoners who colonised this continent ended up when they weren’t behaving themselves. Naomi and I were dressed up as Georgian scallies, encased in leg irons and set about exploring those dark days of this country’s history. For the full convict experience we also boarded a boat to Fort Denison, right in the middle of Sydney Harbour, and after a brief look around we were allowed to let off the traditional 1pm canon. As it boomed out across the water I couldn’t stop laughing like an over excited schoolboy.

Following lunch we donned our old friends from yesterday – the fat suits – and did another sweaty pass of the Sydney Opera House song from yesterday, this time on a boat circling the iconic building. The Sydney related fun doesn’t stop there though. Tomorrow we’re climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge!

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