All Under The Place – 18 Oct, Geelong, Australia

Yesterday we drove from our hotel/trailer park in Cowes to the seaside town of Geelong, and while our director checked out the locations for tomorrow’s shoot we had a look round. I declare Geelong a nice place. There’s a fair few colonial buildings scattered about and the seafront is a successful version of what British seaside towns try to be and usually fail miserably at.

We were down on the seafront this morning filming some bollards. Doesn’t sound very exciting I know, but they’re actually one of the best examples of public art I’ve seen. Over a hundred wooden posts from the old pier have been placed along the seafront for several kilometres and painted to represent people from Geelong’s past. There are policemen, Edwardian families, Aboriginals, teams of lifeguards and all sorts of other characters, and they’ve proved a big draw for the town with people coming from all over the world to see them.

After a quick lunch in one of the best coffee shops I’ve ever been to (called “Go” – thanks ‘Lonely Planet’) we headed off to Sovereign Hill. It’s a replica gold mining town with people in traditional costume wandering about, and is very realistically done, to the extent that I think they were wondering what they’d let themselves in for when Michelle and I turned up dressed as Psy from the Gangham Style video and started galloping about the place singing that we were “panning gold rush style”. Our researcher LJ was directing this one, and the power clearly went to her head as she made our usual director Ailsa dress up in Victorian costume and put her in the video as the “Sovereign Lady” holding a massive plastic nugget. Look out for that when we hit the screen in the new year!

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