All Under The Place, 17 September, Sydney

I can now say, in all truthfulness, that I have sung on stage at the Sydney Opera House. But first, pies.

Our morning was spent at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, a food kiosk by the docks in Sydney that sells the best pies I’ve ever tasted. It’s been in business since 1945 and has become an institution. Celebrities from all over the world stop off to sample their wares. We thought we’d struck gold while we were filming a sequence where Naomi and I served pies to the general public, as Naomi spotted Hollywood movie star Russell Crowe walking across the road. Sadly he wasn’t stopping by for a pie (although that would explain his fluctuating weight). He just lives round the corner.

Then we all piled back into our minibus and made our way to the Sydney Opera House. They’d been incredibly accommodating and given us access all areas, so Naomi and I forced ourselves into fat suits and sweated our way round the place pretending to be Pavarotti style opera singers. I think my favourite moment was when confused looking Chinese tourists were led into the concert hall and saw the two of us wailing away on stage. Funny to think we’ll be on their holiday snaps now…

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