All Under The Place, 16 August, Alice Springs

Woke up feeling slightly daunted by the amount of stuff we had to do today – finish our Alice Springs song, film an item about the Desert Park out here and another one about Australian “road trains”. Somehow managed to get it all done before sunset, probably because our crew is amazing.

Met my first kangaroo at the desert park, and it had a joey in its pouch! What a great system that is. Think how much people would save on prams. Once genetic engineering kicks off there’s a gap in the market there.

Our afternoon shoot was the ultimate boys toys extravaganza. Modern Australia owes its existence to the huge lorries, some of them 9 carriages long, that thunder along the roads reaching places the railways don’t. The drivers of these “road trains” formed a club to set up a road train hall of fame, and it now consists of hundreds of trucks. We were shown some of these by a diamond Aussie bloke going by the name of Cel, before Johny and I dressed up as Jeremy Clarkson and were let loose on one of the first Australian road train trucks, which is nearly 80 years old. We took turns to kick up the dirt grinding our way round a track in first gear, continuously shouting into the camera in ‘Top Gear’ speak and crashing into cones. Got back to my hotel room an exhausted dusty mess.

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