All Under The Place, 15 September, Sydney

Today was the start of the 2 months filming we face before heading home to the UK in November, and joining us for a whole month of it was my next co-presenter Naomi. Working with her is always a dream as she’s basically one of the best kids TV presenters in the world. We all bundled into a mini bus and headed to The Moon Festival in Cabrawatta. It was a bit of a shock to the system to be thrown headlong into one of our main events after a week off, but probably more of a shock for our new Aussie director Rochelle. She coped very well with us tight knit poms.

Her mission, and ours, was to film us preparing for a one handed prawn peeling competition, part of the day’s festivities as 90,000 people packed the streets celebrating Chinese and Vietnamese culture. We wandered around trying to find the strangest food we could (settling on Moon Cake, Dragon’s beard candy, fried crickets and tofu pudding) and took part in a chopstick agility test before settling down to business.

I turned out to be surprisingly good at peeling prawns single handedly, even if I do say so myself, and secured a comfortable victory, sitting with a smug smile on my face staring at my 6 newly naked prawns as Naomi did her best to finish off her ones next to me.

As life skills go, peeling prawns with one hand is pretty useless though isn’t it?

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