All Under The Place, 15 August, Alice Springs

Set off on a 4 hour journey to Alice Springs, but were led astray by our sat nav down 100km of dirt road. Definitely made us realise how isolated you can make yourself in this huge, sprawling, empty continent. Stopped off at a meteor crater in the middle of this deserted outback and got chatting to the only other two tourists there. One of them turned out to be a retired ‘Newsround’ producer called Jill Roach. Bit weird. While this was going on, our director Ewan’s car had stopped off at an equally deserted diner where they stumbled across a £5 note stuck to the wall that had been signed by Naomi Wilkinson, one of my fellow ‘All Over The Place’ presenters. Two incredible coincidences that mean absolutely nothing at all!

Spent the rest of the day dressed as mods/ska band members/plonkers, snapping our fingers to a song written by our awesome songwriter Richie Webb (he of ‘Horrible Histories’ fame). Since the town’s called Alice, we’ve gone for a parody of The Jam’s ‘Town Called Malice’. Wish I had a photo of our outfits to show you, but when you’re rushing around in the heat trying to get this stuff knocked out before sunset you sometimes forget to pose for photo opportunities.

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