All Under The Place – 11 Nov, Sydney, Australia

Yesterday we had a horrendous 14 hour drive from the Gold Coast to Sydney, half of it spent in pouring rain. We narrowly avoided a pile up on the motorway and the other production car’s headlights broke, leaving them stranded for several hours in a BP garage. I’d been nervously checking today’s weather forecast over the last week as we had quite a big day ahead of us filming the links for one of our ‘best of’ compilation shows that end the series, but it wasn’t going to get any better.

The premise of our script was that Iain and my’s plane was delayed, so we head off on the ferry to Manly Beach and have all sorts of beach related fun. Seeing as it’s now summer here you would have thought we could have relied on Sydney to come up with the goods weather wise, but instead we had to resign ourselves to filming in solid rain. After sitting in the hotel lobby and changing the script to fit our soggy circumstances we drove down to Sydney harbour and started filming, even managing to get 2 links done on the ferry as it rolled around in the choppy waters. Our producer Maria was in the director’s chair today and her relentless optimism got us all through it, although it did make me a bit sad that our last day here in Oz resembled a wet day out in Bognor.

Since we were in Manly I was able to pay a goodbye visit to some close friends of mine who live here, before jumping in a taxi to hook up with the rest of the crew for our wrap party in a slightly dilapidated Chinese karaoke bar. Think we ended up spending 4 hours in there or something ridiculous. I think we all went a bit crazy realising that we really are going home now. This has been the most intense and time consuming job I’ve ever done, and I feel quite peculiar now it’s all come to an end. One of my friends in Manly was asking if it’s been like regressing back to being a teenager again, and I think he’s hit the nail on the head. I’ve had absolutely no responsibilities outside of work for over 3 months. It’s going to feel absolutely outrageous that I have to cook my own food and organise my own life once I get back to the UK.

(By the way, this photo is actually of Iain and me whale watching last week. The weather was so horrible today no-one took any photos!)

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