All Under The Place – 10 Oct, Cairns, Australia

Our location today was a place on the Great Barrier Reef called Green Island. If you’re a scuba diving fanatic it’s the sort of place you probably look down on as being a bit touristy, but I think today is up there with my favourite filming days ever.  After an hour on a ferry we arrived at a wooden jetty leading to a classic white sand covered desert island. No sooner had we disembarked then Naomi spotted a turtle swimming below, the first of many spotted from the shore that day, as well as the occasional shark.

The island itself had a healthy scattering of Chinese tourists and a hotel nestled in the trees, and we were there to film one of their big attractions – walking along the sea bed wearing a Seawalker helmet. We were taken on a dingy to a pontoon where I had a see through plastic helmet placed over my head and then descended a ladder several metres down, with our underwater cameraman for the day, Pete, going ahead of me. Once on the seabed I could walk the length of the air hose connecting me to the surface and take in the scenery. I was engulfed in a shoal of bright yellow fish, as well as parrot fish and lots of other colourful ones whose names I can’t remember. There was also a giant clam down there looked like something out of a Disney cartoon. Didn’t know those things actually existed in real life!

It’s obviously a lot more limiting than going for dive, but if you hate swimming, diving tutorials or getting your hair wet then I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Felt quite elated when I came out and jabbered at the camera about it being the closest I’ll ever come to being an astronaut.

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