All Under The Place, 10-12 August, Sydney

Arrived in Sydney early evening with Geraint, our cameraman, and Nat, our soundman. They’ve worked on all 3 series of ‘All Over The Place’ with me and, worryingly, are starting to feel like family (Nat, a couple of hours into the flight, managed to spill an entire glass of red wine down my trousers and then told me not to worry cos it would make them “look vintage”). We hooked up with Johny Pitts, my co-presenter for the 1st block, who had arrived that morning and looked surprisingly good for a man who hadn’t slept for 50 hours. Somehow managed to convince him to come out to dinner with us.

Sunday I hooked up with two of my best friends from school who now live out here and we went to the housewarming of a guy they know who’s a captain in the Australian navy. His flat had the most incredible view of the whole of Sydney, and a familiar feeling swept over me that I recognised from when I last came to Australia 3 years ago – envy of people who live here. Spent the night at my friend Pete’s place over the harbour in Manly.

Travelled back on the ferry with Pete in the morning to Sydney Opera House and met up with some of the crew. Got another ferry to Watsons Bay and walked along the coast to Bondi Beach. Their winter weather here seems to be like an average summer’s day in Britain, which seems quite unfair. In the evening our producer, Maria, took us all out for dinner.

I set my watch to Sydney time the moment I got on the plane in London and have so far been feeling fine. I’ve decided that jet lag is for wimps. The rest of the crew have been fighting fatigue and waking up at odd hours of the morning and must think I’m really annoying, especially as I’m making no effort not to be and keep telling them how great I’m feeling. (I did actually find myself wide awake at 4.45am this morning, but I have decided to keep this to myself as I’m enjoying my feeling of superiority.)

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