All Under The Place, 1 September, Western Coast

Big day today, with a song video and a comedy sketch to record, on top of six hours driving.

Drove back down the coast to Nambung National Park to film the subject of our song – the Pinnacles. These are columns of rock, which look a bit like a cross between termite mounds and Stonehenge, scattered across a large expanse of desert and scrub. There’s something very other worldly about them (Aboriginals believe that they’re the tombs of their ghostly ancestors), so our director Neil had me prancing about the landscape in a rather unflattering all in one silver body suit, singing along to our David Guetta style song and throwing my “best” 1990s rave moves.

Then it was back to the sand dunes at Lancelin where we were a couple of days ago, to pick up the sketch that got rained off last time. This time sound was an issue, as the dunes were being carved up by kids on motor cross bikes. We slowly bashed our way through it, repeatedly pausing for the whining bikes as they sped around on the sand below us. Five minutes after we finished the heavens opened and it began to pour down again, so there was lots of back slapping about how well we’d done to get it done on time.

Got back to Perth in the early evening in time for a special party our exec producer Lou had very kindly laid on for us. She’s getting married next week, and since we can’t make the wedding (and it was Cel’s birthday last night) she’d paid for us to have the hotel bar to ourselves for the night. Once they hoofed us out of there we ended up in a club called ‘The Shed’, wowing the locals with our outstanding presence on the dance floor.

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