‘All Over The Place – Europe’ FINALLY HERE!

After 4 months on the road getting up to the most bonkers stuff you can imagine in Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France and Spain – ‘ALL OVER THE PLACE – EUROPE’ IS FINALLY HERE!

This show completely takes over my life. I can’t work on anything else, can’t see my friends, can’t see my family. I live it and breathe it all summer and when it finally hits your screens I want to dance on the rooftops singing “Look at this! Look at this! La la la la!” They pump it out over 3 weeks on CBBC and then it disappears into The Land of Repeats. So catch it brand spanking new on CBBC at 7.45am every morning until the 27th February, or on the good old iPlayer.

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy making it.

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