9 June, Croatia – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

Said goodbye to Zagreb this morning and bundled into two people carriers with our Croatian “fixer” Marko, headed for the village of Cigoc. Years and years ago the locals removed their chimneys to avoid paying a chimney tax, and storks moved in during the Spring and started nesting on their roofs. They come back every year and number about 200, out numbering the humans 2:1. They provide some much needed interest from tourists, and we’d had a song written for us by our awesome song writer Richie Webb, in the style of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’. Ours is called ‘Flappy’.

It was one of those days you wish people could experience when they’re rolling their eyes as you tell them that making TV can be quite hard work. Naomi and I had to repeatedly dance down the road wearing shirts and bow ties in the sort of weather that normally makes you want to head to the nearest pool, changing into even more sweat inducing stork costumes towards the end of the day. Meanwhile a cloud of mosquitos (the result of a recent flood) engulfed the entire crew every time we stepped close to any shade, and by the end of the day we were all bitten to bits. Our cameraman and researcher picked up over 50 each, which I think is a pretty impressive tally.

Our new hotel has an electrical fault and the rooms are a cool 30 degrees, so it should be an interesting night…

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