June 7

7 June, Portugal – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ is pretty much the song of the year, and there’s always a rush among the All Over The Place crews to bag the best songs for parodying, so it was no surprise that our director Neil had claimed it as the first of the series. Our master song writer Richie Webb had done a sterling job creating a similar little number about the 100 year old tram 28s that rattle up and down the cobbled streets of Lisbon old town, so with Vic and I and a few crew members kitted out in some suitably funky clothes we boarded our very own private tram and set off on our 1 hour journey.

Taking care not to fall out of a couple of open windows we strutted our funky stuff in the malco-ordinated way that is inevitable when you only have 5 mins in the schedule to put together a dance routine (and I use the word “routine” in the loosest possible sense), but we’ve been getting away with it for 5 series now and anyway, it’s probably funnier watching me bust moves that would make a dance instructor weep. Once we reached the end of the line we picked up extra shots of us among confused looking tourists and even picked up a couple of extras along the way in the shape of 2 Portuguese grannies who wanted in on the action. I think this video is going to be a cracker.

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with us exploring Lisbon’s street art, as they have a festival on at the moment and it’s very much all around. Entire buildings have been spray painted with all manner of crazy scenes. A particular favourite of mine was a 5 storey cartoon crocodile – mostly because it meant we had an excuse to dress Vic as a crocodile for the majority of the item. To round things off we had a street artist called Hugo showing us how to use a spray can, and I got to paint my first ever bit of graffiti (all legal of course) – a not particularly impressive fish.

With a day off looming tomorrow we followed a tip about one of the craziest bars in Lisbon and weren’t disappointed. It’s a massive old colonial place decorated with Action Man toys and toy soldiers (an alarming number of which are Nazis). In fact, it would have made a perfect item for ‘All Over The Place’!

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