7 June, Croatia – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

Croatia likes to lay claim to being the home of the tie – or more technically, cravat – thanks to the Cravat Regiment who supposedly wowed all of Europe with their brightly coloured neckerchiefs. Since most kids have to wear a tie at school we’d decided to show them where they come from, and after a morning trip to Zagreb’s most exclusive tie shop we headed back down to the main square and annoyed the guards standing on parade, much like the tourists do to the soldiers outside Buckingham Palace. Then we were off to the rather depressingly named ‘Museum of Broken Relationships’.

Set up by an artistically minded couple trying to make the best of their break up, the gallery displays donated objects of relevance to the break down of a relationship, with a pithy little description of its significance (I tried to trick Naomi into believing that a radiator in the corner was one of the exhibits, but she didn’t fall for it). It’s actually less depressing than it sounds and if you’re in a good relationship it certainly makes you appreciate what you’ve got. With the return of ‘All Over The Place’s resident cynic/borderline psychopath ‘Gameshow Man’, I think we made it fun enough to not have kids crying into their remotes.

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