August 5

5 August, Austria – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

I love cake. And Vienna is home to one of the most famous cakes of all – the apple strudel. It was invented at the royal palace in Vienna in their Imperial Court Bakery a few centuries back.  Now that we have a new food related item in the show, with our new character “Rene Mangetout” (the not in any way stereotypically French food critic), we simply had to pay the place a visit.

On our arrival at the incredibly grand palace we were taken down into a basement and introduced to pastry chef Mario, who enthusiastically demonstrated the craft of throwing the pastry around like pizza dough to make it so thin that you can read a book through it. Lauren immediately threw it into the nearest light fitting, but he didn’t seem too bothered about it. One of the benefits of this shoot was that we all got to sit around and eat some lovely strudel afterwards, so that was nice. Then we nipped outside to run around the baking hot courtyard asking tourists strudel related questions.

Our afternoon’s filming involved a brilliant song all about Vienna’s two most famous composers, Mozart and Beethoven. My Beethoven costume was a genuine period costume complete with thick velvet jacket and waistcoat, as well as a thick wig, so I was quite grateful that the first bit of filming was indoors away from the 38 degree heat. And what an indoors it was – the Musikverein, a music hall with the most extravagantly gold interior I’ve ever seen. It was more than a little strange standing on a stage that Beethoven himself may have walked upon, dressed as him, doing a rap battle with Lauren dressed as Mozart.

By the time we hit our locations outside things were starting to cool down a bit and we hit a few more classical composer related spots, finally wrapping our rapping in Beethoven Platz below a large monument to the great man himself. And with that it was bye bye Lauren. She seems to have enjoyed throwing herself into the AOTP madness, and has the necessary lack of self consciousness / respect that is required to present this show, so hopefully she’ll be on the plane home feeling very pleased with herself about now.

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