August 3

3 August, Slovenia – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

One of the most beautiful locations in this part of the world is Lake Bled – so beautiful that, when Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia, their dictatorial ruler General Tito built a huge house by the water and would invite other dictators from around the world so they could have a good old knees up.

We arrived fairly late last night, so we didn’t get a chance to see it in its full glory until this morning. It didn’t disappoint. With its crystal clear water, tree covered mountains and picturesque castles and follies perched on top of clifftops it’s proper 1970s biscuit tin lid stuff.

We’d got up extra early to make it over to the island in the lake that can only be reached by one of 22 covered wooden “pletna” boats. They take up to 18 passengers and are rowed by a single bloke who has his trade passed down to him through the generations. You get to the island in about 15 mins and then have to climb 99 steps to reach a church on top which is the number one destination to get married in Slovenia. Traditionally the grooms carry their brides up the steps, so for a bit of behind the scenes filming we decided that I should carry Lauren up there. Won’t be doing that again (and she’s quite dainty. If you’re getting married to a big lady, don’t get married there would be my advice).

After a bit of bell ringing and pratting about we headed back to the mainland to shoot a few other bits by the shoreline including a sketch about the health giving properties of the lake and then it was time for another massive long coach ride, this time to the Austrian city of Graz. On the way there we passed through some stunning scenery. With Slovenia being on the edge of the Alps it has some spectacles that rival countries like Switzerland and France. Think I might come back here one day.

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