June 29

29 June, Iceland – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

Everyone’s still struggling with the fact it never gets dark here, so there were some bleary eyes on the bus this morning as we left our hotel in Reykjavik to head to the famous tourist destination of Geysir.

It’s where the word geyser comes from, as it was here that people first discovered the phenomenon of holes which intermittently spurt water as it builds up beneath the ground heated by red hot magma. The whole side of the mountain has a distinct eggy aroma – but then we were already used to that as all the hot water in this part of the island comes straight out of the ground, so when taking your morning shower the whole bathroom becomes decidedly farty.

There was already a sizeable collection of tourists primed and ready around Strokkur geyser (the only one currently in action) and you can’t help but join them in ooing and ahing as it erupts every 5 – 8 minutes. Chris and I made silly comments to camera as we got in the way of irate German tourists, and then did some quick fire interviews with local geologists before rounding things off by sticking an egg in a bag on the end of a pole and boiling it in a hot spring.

Once we’d all crammed our faces full at the nearest hotel buffet we were off to film a sketch on the edge of the Gullfoss waterfall. I’d been there 2 years before on holiday and it was all very romantic. Not quite the same experience this time as Chris and I walked down the gravel path from the car park with him dressed as a 1930s Hollywood director and me in drag as a milkmaid. The waterfall is breathtaking in its scale, with 2 vast steps disappearing into a gorge and a huge cloud a spray dotted with rainbows drifting across tourists as they make their way towards it. I’m afraid to say we upstaged it today, as people seemed more interested in taking pictures of us. Nice to know that as far as China there will be pictures of me in a blonde wig and gingham dress preserved forever.

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