29 July, Berlin – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

It’s been a pretty hectic 24 days of filming for ‘All Over The Place – Europe’ and I think we all looked a bit like the walking dead as we headed out for our final day’s filming of this block. Luckily we had two fairly self contained things to shoot. First up was Berlin’s indoor caravan hostel. Silke and her partner were big fans of East German caravans, so nearly 4 years ago they took over an old vacuum cleaner factory and filled it with renovated classics. Two halls contain about 8 caravans and a few other quirky structures, and it must be a great place to come and take over with a bunch of friends. All the fun of camping but you don’t have to worry about the weather. My favourite was one in the shape of an egg from the 1930s that still looks like it’s from the future.

Our final item had the potential to be a bit underwhelming. We were about to find out all about currywurst sausages, a German snack (delicacy is probably going a bit far) first rustled up in Berlin in 1949 when food was a bit low on the ground and someone decided to spice up substandard sausages with curry powder and tomato sauce. It’s become a firm favourite with Germans everywhere and is served in a similar stye to our fish and chips. They’ve even got their own ‘Currywurst Museum’, which we found to be surprisingly good. We messed about with giant French fries and sofas in the shape of sausages and recorded a sketch with me dressed like Harry Potter and Chris as Dumbledore, teaching me the ways of currywurst preparation at the Hogwarts School of Sausagery.

Then it was time to put our preparation skills to the test as we made our way down to one of Berlin’s most popular sausage stalls (they have over 2,000). ‘Curry 36’ had a big queue of locals and tourists waiting, which got even longer once Chris and I were put in charge of briefly serving them. We dished out a few portions of the sauce smothered sausages (which can be served with or without skin) and then once filming was over we got to sample them properly for ourselves. They’re clearly appallingly bad for you, especially with the mayonnaise drenched chips they come with, but I scoffed it all down quite happily (it’s repeating on me a bit now though). Once we got back to the hotel there was time for a quick drink while we sat exhausted and mulled over just how much stuff we’ve shot over the last 3 and a half weeks. Then I felt the magnetic pull of my bed and sweet dreams of my flight home tomorrow. Not sure how sweet my dreams are likely to be though with that currywurst inside me…

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