29 August, Spain – ‘All Over The Place – Europe’

You know you have a weird job when you’ve be paid to take part in, not one, but two seed spitting competitions.

The last one I competed in was a watermelon seed spitting competition in Texas. Today it was olive stone spitting in Cieza. It’s part of the fiesta in the town which attracts up to 20,000 people who barrel around the traffic free streets eating and drinking in a good natured way that you’d be lucky to see back in the UK.

First of all we were taken to an olive grove on the edge of town to shoot our opening. It wasn’t a picturesque as it sounds, being right next to an Aldi and littered with broken bottles and clearly quite a popular spot to pop into the field and have an impromptu poo. Once we made our way back to the cordoned off street the competition got underway.

After a quick bit of coaching from Pedro, the current World Champion Olive Stone Spitter, Iain and I went head to head in front of a rather unimpressed crowd. Iain pipped me to first place (no pun intended) and I then had time to shoot some extra footage to promote the show for CBBC, wandering round the streets and asking the festival goers in my terrible Spanish if they could help me escape from a man eating giraffe (don’t ask).

Once we got back to our hotel I sat on the terrace watching our crew drench themselves in buckets of ice water for the various ice bucket challenges they’d been nominated for while we’ve been away. Ended our evening sitting on the rocks by the riverbank relaxing in a post dinner glow and feeling like a bit of a travelling hillbilly.

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