Asia blog 16

28 June, Bangkok, Thailand – ‘All Over The Place – Asia’

Song day today, and quite a unique one too. Lauren and I spent it at Bangkok’s floating market dressed as Tinie Tempah and Jess Glynne in a ‘Not Letting Go’ parody. As usual, I’ve no idea what the locals thought of us as we busted our dodgy moves on the canal dock before climbing into a narrow wooden paddle boat and being paddled up and down the canal by a little old Thai lady. It was pretty quiet when we arrived at around 6.30am, but within a couple of hours it was gridlocked with tourist boats.

The market is on the crossroads of a canal with warehouses on either side, and there doesn’t seem to be any good reason why the produce and tourist tat is placed in boats on the canal, other then attracting people like us to come and have a look. But it was still quite an experience, with boats laden with fruit and veg and Thai themed gifts bobbing along the canal side, with the odd snake laden vendor standing on the bank trying to get you to have a photo taken with an endangered species. At one point we saw a giant lizard swimming through the water with a huge black hairy spider in its mouth and I reflected on just how far away from home I felt!

Sadly it was Lauren’s last day with us. It’s only her second year on the show and she’s already very much part of the AOTP family. She’s got the number one quality we require – the ability to not mind making an absolute numpty out of yourself in public. We’ll miss you Lauren!

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