Asia blog 15

27 June, Bangkok, Thailand – ‘All Over The Place – Asia’

Bangkok is huge. From the top of our 42 storey hotel it seems to stretch on into the horizon in every direction you look, and every day we’ve spent an hour or so travelling to locations, but still not left the city. Today we drove out to ‘The Ancient City’. It’s a slightly misleading name, considering it’s only 50 years old.

Originally conceived as a novelty golf course it somehow evolved into an expansive park full of different examples of traditional Thai architecture, particularly temples. Some of them are recreations and some of them are original buildings that have been moved here, and most of them are impressive in their scale and elaborate design. Lauren and I dressed up as Indiana Jones and embarked on a quest for ‘The Bottled Water of Eternal Youth’, visiting temples and recreated wooden villages along the way. In the story of our piece it was eventually found at the end of a rainbow bridge, and once we’d drunk it we dressed two Thai children in our clothes and filmed them walking off into the distance, with our voices complaining that maybe we’d drunk a bit too much of it.

Crawled back to the hotel in what is apparently typical Bangkok rush hour traffic. The roads are very wide but still absolutely rammed and barely moving across the entire city at peak times. We don’t seem to have exported the most sustainable lifestyle to these places…

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