July 27

27 July, Austria – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

After making our way here to Vienna last night, today Barney and I met Erwin III, the grandson of the inventor of the snow globe. Apparently it was an accidental by product of his grandad’s attempt to improve upon the design of the lightbulb. His lightbulb design may have been a failure, but his snow globe business in still going strong. They’ve made snow globes for Presidents Clinton and Obama, as well as all sorts of famous Hollywood movies like ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘Home Alone’. Each scene inside is hand painted and the globe is then filled with Erwin’s secret snow formula handed down to him by his father.

Barney and I got to paint our very own snowmen (snowmen are their best sellers, which is a bit boring in my opinion. I was more interested in the ones that had a hippo inside. Presumably a very lost and confused hippo considering it’s walking around in the middle of a snowstorm). Then Erwin sent us on a mission to seek out various snow globes on display in his shop.

With our 2 weeks’ filming drawing to a close we all felt a bit exhausted as the finish line came into view, but we soldiered on like the children’s TV warriors that we are and had it all wrapped by midday in time to make it to our plane home.

Hats off to our director Ailsa, as there’s been an extra member of the crew that she’s been carrying around – she’s over 4 months pregnant! Funny to think that one day she might be showing the little person in there all the stuff we got up to over the last fortnight. If TV still exists by then. Maybe we’ll all be entertained by chips in our head and will be living on Mars.

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