Asia blog 8

26 May, India – ‘All Over The Place – Asia’

When I first read the Harry Potter books all the years ago little did I know that one day I would be dressed as him, standing in the spice market in Delhi in the middle of a heatwave – with Chris Johnson next to me dressed as Professor Snape.

It’s an amazing place to see. Both sides of the main road are stuffed with stalls decked out with huge sacks of every spice, pulse or dried fruit you can imagine. Some of the stall holders’ have family rights to their pitch stretching back hundreds of years, and they were all very polite to us as we careered around this afternoon, pretending I was Harry Potter collecting spices for Snape’s mystery potion. To begin with I wasn’t entirely sure people had worked out what we were doing, but towards the end when I brought a wand out the penny dropped and the ever growing crowd of spectators began shouting “Harry Potter” at me (as well as “Action!”, which they found very amusing every time our director shouted for some reason).

I definitely lucked out today, not being dressed in a thick black cape like Chris, but it was still hard going in the heat and I was counting the minutes until our director shouted “That’s a wrap” and we could pile back into our air conditioned bus after obligatory selfies and hand shakes with the patiently waiting crowd (I wonder if they thought we were actually making a Harry Potter film?!).

Pretty soon it was time to say goodbye to our lovely fixer Ashish and board a night plane for the flight to our next location – Malaysia!

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