July 26

26 July, Austria – ‘All Over The Place – Europe, Part 2’

Said goodbye to Hungary this morning and spent 5 hours on our slightly banged up bus travelling to the village of … in Austria. As soon as we crossed the border you could sense we’d moved into a more affluent country as the fields were dotted with wind turbines. It was confirmed when we stopped off for lunch in a service station and realised we’d got a bit too used to how dirt cheap everything had been in Budapest.

The reason for our journey today was to have a nose around the “Nonseum”. It’s a collection of utterly useless objects (mostly purpose built) like 2 piece jigsaw puzzles, sleeping bags for bats, kettles with a combined handle and spout… the list goes on and on. The husband and wife team who run the place are very proud of how pointless everything is, and the collection is now housed in a couple of large barns and a specially built, government funded gallery. Fritz’s daughter Alma is also heavily involved in the running of the place and gave us an interview sitting on a mechanical bed with a rotating canvas decorated with sheep above it (so you can count them to fall asleep) before I got dressed up as Gameshow Man and spent some time shouting in Barney’s face.

Then it was time to hit the road and make our way to Vienna, with a quick stop off in a sun drenched field on a hill to pick up Barney’s lines for our end of series song. It’s a One Direction parody called ‘The Best Job Ever’ and it’s already putting a bit of a tear in my eye with its talk of the end of the series – which is still over 2 months away!

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